Annisa Karim, M.Sc.

Hello Southwest Florida. I am Annisa Karim and I want to be your new voice in the Florida Senate. I am running because our elected officials don’t represent us, only special interests. I want a government that works for ALL the people and gets things done! The people in our community need a choice when they go to the polls. We’ve been sending the same people to Tallahassee for years, but things are not getting better for us. In fact, for the average working family, things are getting worse. We don’t feel safe. The hardest working people, including police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and nurses can’t afford to live where they work. Our health and our economy are at risk from dirty water. Our elected officials, who have been in power for years, have not addressed these issues. We need fresh ideas and a renewed spirit to work together and solve our problems. I will get things done, and I am honored to have the chance to represent you in Tallahassee. Please vote for me, Annisa Karim, for Senate District 28. It is time for change.