Has your voice been heard? We want to hear what YOU have to say. We deserve a government that works for ALL the people. Solutions matter, not political party.

Healthy Environment = Healthy Economy

The health of our environment is tied to the overall health of our economy. In SWFL, nearly every job is tied to tourism and agriculture. Environmental catastrophies like the algae problems currently affecting our water leads to reduced tourism, business profits, job losses, and declining real estate values…not to mention the health costs and destruction of wildlife!  And who knows where our current government officials are putting the toxic waste!

Passidomo's Beach Access Bill

This law was unnecessary and ill-advised. It has already resulted in people being evicted from beaches.  The law should be repealed. The explanations Passidomo was allowed to publish in the newspaper was as confusing as the law itself.

Quality Public Education

Every child deserves a quality, public education and to feel safe at school. We need to attract the best and brightest teachers and have a curriculum that prepares them to compete in a global economy. Our K-12 Education should not rank 40th in the nation!

Community Safety

Every person should feel safe in their community. We need safe roads, bridges, sidewalks, and bike paths. The community should be free from harassment, they should not fear gun violence.

Quality Healthcare

Everyone deserves the peace of mind that they can access quality healthcare. No one should be one medical crisis away from bankruptcy. No one should worry that they will be excluded from critical healthcare because of pre-existing conditions.


Police officers, nurses, teachers, and firefighters should be able to afford to live in the community they serve.

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Meet Your Candidate

Annisa Karim, M.Sc.

Hello Southwest Florida. I am Annisa Karim and I want to be your new voice in the Florida Senate. I am running because our elected officials don’t represent us, only special interests. I want a government that works for ALL the people and gets things done! The people in our community need a choice when they go to the polls. We’ve been sending the same people to Tallahassee for years, but things are not getting better for us. In fact, for the average working family, things are getting worse. We don’t feel safe. The hardest working people, including police officers, fire fighters, teachers, and nurses can’t afford to live where they work. Our health and our economy are at risk from dirty water. Our elected officials, who have been in power for years, have not addressed these issues. We need fresh ideas and a renewed spirit to work together and solve our problems. I will get things done, and I am honored to have the chance to represent you in Tallahassee. Please vote for me, Annisa Karim, for Senate District 28. It is time for change.

It's Time For A Change

Volunteer, host a house party, place a yard sign proudly in front of your petunias, or make a contribution. No matter how you decide to get involved, we appreciate you.